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Criminal Defense

For the vast majority of people, the criminal justice system is unfamiliar territory. Being accused of a crime is one of the most stressful and frightening things that can happen to you or someone you care about. A criminal conviction has the potential to harm your livelihood, family and reputation for a long time to come.

When you are accused of or charged with a crime you need to have a strong defense team on your side. The attorneys at M. Lyons Law Group are experienced professionals committed to vigorously protecting your rights at every stage of the criminal process. We will carefully review the charges against you and explain all options that may be available in your case. Our lawyers understand the difficult challenges you are facing and we will make certain that you have the information you need to make the right decisions for your future.

Our criminal defense practice handles a full range of criminal offenses from minor traffic citations to homicide. Some of the most common criminal matters that we assist our clients and members of their families with include:

  • Assault
  • Arson
  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Serious Traffic Offenses
  • Juvenile Criminal Matters
  • Expungements
  • Theft

No matter what the crime may be, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to build a powerful defense strategy. We know the law and are familiar with how the criminal justice system operates. From your first meeting with our firm to the conclusion of your case, our attorneys will work to secure a fair and favorable outcome on your behalf. We will keep you informed and provide straightforward and honest advice every step of the way.

At M. Lyons Law Group we focus on resolving our clients’ criminal matters as quickly and efficiently as possible. While the majority of criminal cases are negotiated and resolved short of trial, there are times when a plea agreement may not be in your best interest. In these situations, our criminal defense team is fully prepared to take the matter to court. We are highly experienced trial attorneys who know how to litigate criminal cases before judges and juries. Our attorneys will carefully scrutinize the evidence to build a trial strategy aimed at protecting your rights and your future.

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